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Venue Services Team BIC/Pavilion

Bournemouth International Centre and Pavilion have their own in-house team who have the responsibility for keeping these venues to a high standard of cleanliness. 

In addition to maintaining the inside of the BIC, Venue Services do have the job of keeping the building's multi-storey car park and external landscaped area free from litter.

The team work throughout the seven days working operating regime of the BIC and Pavilion, from early morning to late evening, in order to provide a satisfactory service to our clients and customers. 

Clients organising large or small scale exhibitions have the option to contract the in-house team to undertake exhibition stand cleaning (prices on application) throughout their particular event.

The BIC prides itself on recycling paper, cardboard, bottles etc generated during events, with the Venue Services team leading the way in this area of waste management.

If you wish to find out more please contact Barry Wilson, Senior Operations Manager

01202 456502

[email protected]