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Exhibition Shell Scheme

Intershell Systems Ltd

Intershell are the Official Recommended Contractor for the Bournemouth International Centre/Pavilion.  We have in-depth knowledge of all available areas and hold CAD floorplans offering different layouts.

Intershell can provide a comprehensive range of services as follows:-

  •        Shell Scheme Service.
  •        Graphics Service.
  •        Floor Covering Service.
  •        Furniture Service.
  •        Electrical Service.
  •        Front of House Registration.
  •        Seminar/Breakout Rooms.
  •        CAD Floorplan Service.
  •        Posterboards.

Intershell holds an office in the BIC which compliments and enhances our dedicated service perfectly.

For further details, please do not hesitate to contact Trevor Head, Managing Director.


Bournemouth Office
Intershell Services
Bournemouth International Centre
Exeter Road

01202 456481

01202 426059



The Intershell Group Ltd
Intex House
Avondale Way
NP44 1TS

01633 838283

01633 838299

[email protected]