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The Bournemouth International Centre constantly strives to ensure a level of excellence in Crowd Management, Security & Safety.  To achieve this goal, the event works in partnership with Showsec International Ltd the multi-award winning Crowd Management & Security Company. 

We work together on many initiatives with Showsec to constantly raise the standard of safety at the venue.  This includes joint Health & Safety training through IOSH, SIA Training, Front of Stage 'Pit Training', Customer Service training as well as many more strategies to improve not only the safety but the standard of service that our customers receive when visiting the venue. 

To find out more about Showsec and the initiatives that it is putting in place, please click here.  You can also contact the South Coast Area Manager, Tracey McCarthy, via the contact details below.

If you would like to work for Showsec then please visit us here

From time to time you may not be happy with the service you received from the Security Staff, if you would like to give us your constructive feedback then please click here

Tracey McCarthy
Area Manager
Bournemouth International Centre
Exeter Road


07979 866 225

[email protected]