Dr. Richard Shepherd answers our questions

News 5 October 2022
Dr Richard Shepherd

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Dr. Richard Shepherd is heading to Bournemouth Pavilion this November with his Unnatural Causes show. We wanted to find out more about him...

Q: Which is the highest profile case you’ve worked on?

A: The death of Princess Diana.


Q: Are you still surprised by discoveries you make during autopsies?

A: Always! Every case is different and although you can make some predictions about what you’re likely to find, not infrequently you find something different or something extra. It’s part of what makes my job so interesting.


Q: Which discovery are you most proud of?

A: I think finding something that was unexpected and which is also crucial to solving a case. For instance, working out the shape of a knife used to stab someone which meant the police could more quickly identify the killer.


Q: What first interested you in forensic pathology?

A: I was shown a forensic textbook when I was just 13 by a friend at school… and that was it! My life and career were sorted!


Q: What do you enjoy most about your live shows?

A: Explaining to the audience what really happens during an investigation and how and why we do an autopsy. I also love the Q and A session and chatting more personally to people during the book signing after the show.