We Don't Talk About Bruno...

News 25 August 2022

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Sing-a-long-a Encanto is a unique interactive Sing-a-long-a show featuring the acclaimed smash hit Disney Musical film Encanto.

Over 8oo people, including 108 animators, were involved in the production of the film and they were challenged by the directors to make its heroine, Mirabel, distinctly different from all Disney ones that had come before. She had to be capable and imperfect but not merely clumsy and wasn’t even allowed an animal sidekick!

Winner of the 2022 Academy Award for Best Animated Film, Encanto features original songs from Lin-Manuel Miranda and a soundtrack that went viral around the world, reaching number one in both the UK and USA for multiple weeks.

In fact the track “We Don’t Talk About Bruno” became such a sensation that it broke records to become one of Disney’s most successful songs of all time including their first ever to reach No 1 on the UK singles chart.

Encanto was also the first Disney film to have produced a No 1 song and a No 1 album – take that Frozen!

Topping all that the film consistently came No 1 on the weekly streaming charts after its release on Disney + worldwide reaching 1,224 billion total minutes of viewing by March 2022 much to the joy of parents everywhere!

But Encanto offers much more than just its songs.

It was the first Disney Animation film to have choreographers involved in the development process from start to finish, meaning they worked closely with the production team to develop songs, characters, and story and the production team even consulted with a Columbian botanist, Felipe Zapata for the selection and animation of the plants and flowers that were shown.

All this meant that reviews acclaimed its animation and story as well.

Variety said "Encanto has been visualized with a vivacious naturalistic glow (swirling flower petals, eye-candy pastels) that, at moments, is nearly psychedelic" while the Daily Telegraph wrote “ "Encanto's animation is dazzling in all sorts of ways, with technical effects and flights of creative fancy that would have been unimaginable even a year ago, particularly during the musical numbers."

Time Out summarised it as a “genuine love letter to the diversity of Latin America” while its emotional depth was also lauded with Movieweb stating that “ buckets of tears are going to be shed” by the audience.

As the Los Angeles Times said “with all this Encanto became 2022’s first widespread cultural phenomenon”.

It was with all this in mind that the producers of Sing-a-Long-a Sound of Music and Sing-a-Long-a Frozen have decided to bring their own brand of magic to UK theatres with all the lyrics on screen so everyone can join in.

Audiences everywhere will now be able to cheer on Mirabel as she tries to save the magic surrounding the Encanto and sing and dance their hearts out supported by a live host and their very own free props bag.

It couldn’t be easier or more fun! The first rule of Sing-a-long-a is THERE ARE NO RULES! Fancy dress is strongly encouraged and full audience participation essential. You the audience are the stars!

So gather your family together on a magical interactive journey driven by dance, cheer and singing your heart out!

And remember we don’t talk about Bruno No No No!

Please note this is a screening of the movie not a live stage show.