The Bournemouth Pavilion Theatre welcomes everyone and wants the venue to be accessible by all.

Access Scheme

Customers with special seating or access requirements can apply join the BH Live Access Scheme, which enables us to provide the best possible service and seats for customers with accessibility needs. Discounted or complimentary Personal Assistant tickets may be available if you require assistance when attending an event at our venues.

Am I Eligible?

If you are in receipt of one of the following, you will be able to join the Access Scheme:

  • PIP
  • DLA
  • Attendance Allowance
  • Certificate of Visual Impairment
  • Access Card

How to apply

If you are new to our venues, you will need to create an online account. Click My Account at the top of the page and follow the instructions for creating a new account. Once your account has been created, send your name, account number and a copy of your proof (listed above) to

If you have an account with us already send your name, account number and a copy of your proof (listed above) to

How to book

Once you have received confirmation that your account has been registered onto the Access Scheme, you will be able to book accessible tickets through your online account. You will need to log into this account first before selecting your seats. At the checkout the complimentary Personal Assistant ticket will be added to your order (subject to availability).

If you have any queries you can contact us on

General Access

Entry to the building is via a ramp and semi automatic doors. Wheelchair access is possible to the majority of public areas within the Pavilion - with the exception of the Snug Bar, Committee Room, Circle and Circle Bar.

In the Auditorium

Position for wheelchairs are located on the flat floor area of the theatre in Row G. Access is not available into the Circle.

Toilet Facilities

There is a modern facility, accessible from the Foyer. There is also a similar facility located on the the Mezzanine level, the level below the Ballroom. This toilet is accessible via the lift and located near to the Lucullus Room.

Car Parking

There are eight wide parking bays for disabled drivers. Much of the car park is relatively flat and there are no steps to negotiate.

Amplification for Customers with Hearing Impairment

The Pavilion Theatre and Ballroom are fitted with the Sennheiser Infrared Amplification System. The system receives amplified signals from staged events and transmits them via infrared beams.

Unlike the more traditional loop systems, users require a receiver which can be either worn around the neck and used in conjunction with their own hearing aid (in the T position) or headsets worn directly in ear if they do not have a hearing aid, or their hearing aid does not have a T position.

This system is far superior in that it works in all areas of the hall and is far less likely to produce interference for sound system. However, please note that it is not the same as a traditional "Loop System", so just switching a hearing aid to the "T" position without also using a receiver will not work.

Receivers and headsets are available from the main reception desk in the foyer. We do not ask for a deposit for the use of the equipment but you will be asked to leave your name and address. This information is destroyed when the equipment is returned.

Our staff will be happy to explain how the receivers work.

Guide Dogs & Assistance Dogs

Guide dogs and Assistance Dogs are permitted into all areas of the Pavilion. They are to be kept on a lead at all times and under control. Water is available on request.

Visual Guides

If you have not visited our venue before, please read our visual guide.

^ Opening times vary, please visit our Way to Book page for opening times
* Calls charged the same as a local rate call