Pavilion Restoration Fund

Repairs and improvements to the Bournemouth Pavilion

The Bournemouth Pavilion is one of the South Coast's best loved theatres and cultural venues. For nearly a century it has remained in constant use and is the first choice venue for many of the UK's finest West End shows, attracting over 200,000 visits each year.

The Bournemouth Pavilion has a special place in the hearts of many people who have fond memories of dancing in our fabulous ballroom and continues to be a popular entertainment and cultural venue for visitors and residents, all year round and especially during the summer months.

Audiences from across the region enjoy a wide selection of cultural entertainment including classical concerts, ballet, plays, comedy, rock concerts, dances and children's entertainment. Christmas time see families flock to the theatre to uphold the much loved tradition of Pantomime.

Areas for restoration

The Bournemouth Pavilion is a wonderful example of 1930s Art Deco architecture and design with many of its original features retained in service today. As with so many older buildings, the Bournemouth Pavilion requires a sensitive and sympathetic programme of restoration works to the historic fabric to reinstate spectacular features which have been lost over time, restore original finishes, whilst removing unsightly alterations from previous years.

Public areas, which have a high volume of usage such as toilets, seating and the fabric of the auditorium, will also be improved as part of this major refurbishment programme to ensure the audience experience is enriched right through from arrival to enjoying the event and refreshments, to leaving the theatre and ballroom at the end of the event.


Donations enabling us to facilitate the Bournemouth Pavilion restoration project are always very welcome. Through the kind generosity of our patrons we will be able to ensure the Bournemouth Pavilion can be passed on to future generations, so we may continue to delight audiences and visitors, for many years to come, in this much loved cultural venue.