Six Post-Pantomime Activities

News 20 December 2022
Beauty and the Beast

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Once you’ve been to see our fantastic Beauty and the Beast pantomime with the kids, what’s next? Keeping the magic alive can be lots of fun and also keep the children busy and excited about their experience. Here we’re looking at some fun post-show activities you could enjoy at home after your big night at the theatre.

Beauty and the Beast film night

You’ve seen the show, now see the film. Whether you opt for the Disney classic or another version of the story, you can get the little ones excited with your own home cinema enjoying the classic story once again. Setting it up can be really easy, you simply need to set it all up and then invite the kids in.

Invest in enough little tipi tents for the kids, set them up a snack station with sweets, popcorn and their favourite drinks, and then it’s time to get the film started. The perfect end to an amazing Beauty and the Beast inspired night.

Face painting & dress up session

What child doesn’t love a chance to dress up and pretend to be their favourite characters? Maybe you’ve got a household of little princesses, wanting to dress up as Belle, or maybe there’s a Fairy Bon Bon or Louis Le Plonk in your home. You can invest in a few different costumes, set up a face painting station and hours of fun await. Take turns being different characters and see if anyone is brave enough to dress up and have their face painted like our outrageous dame Polly Le Plonk!

Put on your own play

If you’ve got a family of little dramatists then maybe you can put on your own version of Beauty and the Beast too? Whether you go all out and put a script together or simply take turns trying out different characters it is bound to be lots of fun. If you’re feeling particularly ambitious you could even build an impromptu set, get the kids working on their very own props and of course, bring out the costumes once more. This helps to bring the fun of pantomime back to your home and keeps the magic alive a little bit longer.

Craft Up a Storm

If your children are more artistic than dramatic then you can take your Beauty and the Beast inspired activities in a more crafty direction, such as paper roses and fairy wands!

Panto-inspired feasts and bakes

While you’ve probably had plenty of sweets at the theatre, there’s no reason not to continue to the feast when you get home, with the chance to try out some fun new treats inspired by the night at the show. You can combine your favourite festive bakes with a bit of panto cheer from tasty star-shaped cookies to cupcakes adorned with roses.

Classic story time

Cuddling up under the duvet is a wonderful way to continue the magic of the show. You can read through the classic story, point out the differences and even tie this in with the film night we’ve discussed and add even more Beauty and the Beast inspired fun once the show is over. If your little ones enjoy audiobooks you could even download the story for them to listen to at bedtime.

The magic of the panto does not have to end with the final curtain. The excitement can easily continue once you get back home and enjoy any one of these great activities.

Remember, tickets for our Beauty and the Beast panto are available and the show is running from until 2nd January 2023. Don’t miss your chance to give the kids an experience packed full of fun, laughter and amazing characters.

If this has whetted your appetite for seeing a pantomime this year, why not book your ticketsto watch Beauty and the Beast at Bournemouth Pavilion.